Date of birth:        November 17, 1949

Place of birth:       Weidum, Province of Friesland, the Netherlands (mother tongue: Frisian)

Marital Status:     Married since 1974 with Detta Miedema-Leeffers (1951); 3 children: Radboud (1979) partner Eva Miedema-Pouw (1984), grandson Joep (2010), granddaughters Roos (2012) and Lola (2018); Welmoed (1981) partner Dalyan Güner (1984) with his son Milan (2011) and daughter Ayza (2013); Narda (1984)

Religion:                  Christian (Protestant), with charismatical flavor and interreligious openness

Hobbies:                  music (trombone, baritone sax, bastuba, singing), sports (tennis, racing bicycle, swimming), writing poems, sculpturing (stone)